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Smartphone Wallet/Bag Giveaway!

The fun is just never ending! We hope you'll find this little bag fun for your summer gadabouts...
Our friend Sharon at Elphia Designs (she also makes handbags, purses, messenger bags, wristlets, i-pad and Kindle bags...) sent us this adorable smartphone bag to review and we think it is fun, cute, practical and easy to use...we know you'll love it too. If you don't have a smartphone, you might want to get one to use with the bag!


Right now you will receive free shipping at Elphia Designs Etsy shop - code ELPHIA.

Giveaway rules: 
Please visit Sharon's blog and leave a comment mentioning you would love to win her smartphone wallet/bag in our giveaway...share the love!
Then pop back over here and leave a comment below this post stating you visited her blog and commented (we'll be checking...). A winner will be chosen on June 27th, 2012.  If the winner cannot be contacted a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!


  1. Commented over at Sharon's blog. Her bags are adorable! I love all the fabric she uses.

  2. You've done some pretty amazing things in just two years. Congrat's! I didn't leave a comment at Sharon's place...whoops! I think the cell phone purses are great! Sometimes the pockets just don't cut it!

  3. Hi Well I just visited Sharon and told her I was interested in her giveaway and I thanked her. Thank you so very much for this opportunity bye for now and best wishes to all

  4. Also commented on her blog, glad I found it cause I love her stuff :D

  5. Thanks so much to the bgb girls for writing this :) sorry it took me so long to send appreciation! We were at a cabin with no internet access!

  6. I visited Sharon to tell her I would love her smartphone bag. She is really talented.


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