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Tip of the Week: How To Tell New Readers Who You Are

Did you know that every three or four months your blog gets a brand new set of readers?

Newbies to your blog may not know everything about you or what your blog offers, so here are a few assignments to add to your blogging calendar (don't have a blogging calendar? Print out ours or get one HERE or HERE):

1. Imagine yourself as a new reader of your blog. What would you want to know first?

2. What do you or your blog have to offer to your readers? Share this information.

3. Do you have important links that you shared before and want readers to know about?

4. Have you had several posts with a really good reader response and lots of comments? You will want to create links to these on the front of your blog (or in a Start Here post or in your sidebar).

Okay, now take the above answers and create a new post (include links and buttons) introducing yourself and your blog. You can begin it by saying "Hey to all you new readers! Thanks for stopping by. Did you know....?"

It might even be fun to have a START HERE page so a newbie can know where to get all the details!

Hope this Tip helps new readers find out all about your blog! What other features would you like to add to our blogging calendar? We'll do it for you! Have a great weekend!


  1. Great information. I needed to think about the first time someone comes to the blog. Thanks.


  2. What an important post! I've noticed a new group of people commenting on my posts as time goes by and think you are spot on! I need to look at my blog with a fresh set of eyes, as my new readers do. Thanks for the important tips!

  3. Great idea!! I love the idea of a "start here"... I might switch out my "Best Posts" page for this one...

  4. That "Start Here" page idea is inspired... after reading this I went and created one... thanks for the ideas... I've had some great feedback as people new to my blog can now find where to start and what I'm about quickly and easily xx


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