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Spotlight On - Smitten By Britain

Being English is not a requirement to love all thing British, that's for sure (I should know...)! Once you start delving into Smitten By Britain, you'll feel the call of the kettle and with tea cup in hand you will soon be walking in the steps of the proper and possibly even speaking rather British too!
There's a lot going happening on British soil these days and you don't want to miss it! You've heard of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee? I lived in England during her Silver Jubilee (you figure that out!). And surely you know that the 2012 Olympics are being held in London...and much more!

Check out Smitten By Britain, written by Melissa S. It was amazing reading her About page and finding an American gal after my own heart! If you're interested in British history, literature, drama and mystery (the Brits do this best in our book!) then you know you're Smitten too! You can also find extensive posts on Culture, Travel, Food, The Royal Family, Recipes - all with the British bent.
Melissa of Smitten by Britain

The Queen's Portrait in Cupcakes

This is an incredible formation!
Visit the real Downton Abbey

I kept becoming entranced by the BBC clips of shows I had never heard of. I LOVED all the photos of the English countryside and historic places, castles, waterways etc. There's so much beauty in's more delicate and conservative than the land masses in the U.S. Reading Melissa's blog truly feeds the need to travel and explore the British Isles!

A few awesome posts you cannot miss are:

A Londoner's Survival Guide to the Olympic Games

Americans Are Lost at Tea

Queen Elizabeth II's Portrait in Cupcakes

Summer Events In London

Plus, don't forget to keep in touch with your inner Britophile - check out Smitten by Britain on:

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  1. oh wow! a gal after my own heart! Thank you for featuring her, I will definitely check out her blog!

  2. Thank you Sarah and Lyndsay for this wonderful spotlight post. Was worth waiting for!

    Smitten by Britain

    1. Oh, and I will share on social media right now. Thanks.


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