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Guest Post: Making Cool Collages with Photoscape

Quite often I get comments on my photo-collages.

"How did you do that...?"

"What programme do you use...?"

So here's the answer to your burning question...
How I make Those Cool Photo Collages.

Answer: Photoscape.

Beautiful wonderful easy-to-use, free-to-download Photoscape.

I am so sorry if you are a Mac user. I cannot help you because... finally there's something Windows has that a Mac doesn't!

Photoscape is only for Windows. Sorry. Take that up with the designers. Because really? I've looked around and there doesn't seem to be anything else with Photoscape's features. For Mac. Or Windows.

It's the best photo editing programme Ever.

So go download it for free here, Windows users.
Mac Users. Sorry, I got nothing for ya. Head on back to camp.

{Sorry I've been watching Survivor. Got a little carried away...}

Collages are not only useful and beautiful in Blogs - but can also be used to make the most gorgeous printed PhotoBooks. So even if you're not a blogger, keep reading. Photoscape could come in really handy round Father's Day...

After you install Photoscape open it up and you will land on the above screen.

To make a collage you want to click on "Page"

Page (a.k.a. Collages!)

Collage-making in Photoscape is so simple.

Choose a layout from the list on the right.

Choose your photos from the list on the left (browse your computer)

Drag and Drop the photos into position.

Don't like it? Choose another layout. Or drop in a replacement photo.

So many uses for collages. So many layout options!
    Technical Tips:
  1. You change the size (in pixels) of the collage and its proportions by clicking on the acorn icon next to the "size" indicator. Play around with the percentages and proportions until it looks right. If you use extra-large photos in your blog layouts, your photos will need to be at least 600 pixels wide (150%)
  2. You can add frames to give your photos an interesting edge. The best frames are the simple ones. Rounded or the rough-edged "cali" frames work best in collages.
  3. You can increase or decrease the margin between photos, depending on what look you're going for.
  4. If you want to give your collage a frame just around the edge (like in my collage at the top of this post), choose "No Frame" in the collage page. Then click "Edit" and add your border there, just to the outside. This is also where you add text.
5. In "filter" you will see some basic controls for exposure and effects. But I recommend doing any photo editing before making your collage. Just whatever you do, don't apply any frames in "edit" before bringing your photos in!! It will make your collage very messy with some frames being cut off in odd places.

***Vignetting tip: You can apply "vignetting" in "filter" which gives a nice internal shadow to each image's corners. Quite sweet, especially when using a rounded frame.

Now go and download Photoscape for free. Install and start playing. I look forward to seeing lots of fun collages and cool photos on your blogs :)

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  1. Wow; thanks for sharing this. I will deff check it out next week....

  2. I used this here! Can't thank you enough for introducing me to this easy function!


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