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Maybe I'll Just Quit Blogging

Yesterday I took an internet break...I only went online briefly to see if anything of interest was happening, and it wasn't. Seems like the "blackout" did something for someone. Traffic here was super low too...did you all know I wasn't going to be watching?

Today I was thinking that maybe I didn't need to blog anymore. Maybe I'll just quit this blogging's not necessary and it uses up a lot of my free time. Plus, today I was more creative, and I fulfilled all my household obligations (ie. dishes, laundry, homeschool, cooking, and watching lots of House Hunters International). I actually felt accomplished! I am wondering to myself if blogging is worth it?

The upkeep of a blog is a lot like running a business...and if you have several blogs that means you are either torn in many directions at once, or you're a list maker and don't have any free time. Blogging can be your main business or work (ie. Pioneer Woman, Dooce, Nie Nie, etc...), but if you're an average blogger then you may be spending a lot of time and effort on something that is NOT going to give back.

With the thought of quitting sitting so eloquently in my mind, I think it will just have to stay there for the time being...I've invested too much time in this little blog about blogging, can't just give it all up now right? Well, I could. You'll just have to wait and see. And that's the truth!


  1. I do understand where you coming from...I have recently started two blogs because I really wanted to express myself and I thought it'd be fun, which it is, but it's also very time consuming! And sometimes I do wonder why am I doing it, I am not actually getting much back at the moment but I tell myself it's something I really want to do and I will keep it going. I am not usually good at keeping at something, I tend to get bored easily, but I really want to have a good go at it! Anyway, I am sure you will make the right decision in the end ;-) good luck!

  2. Umm...yes. I always come away from my blogcations wondering why the heck I even bother. I doubt I'll ever be as successful as The Pioneer Woman so is it worth it? Then I tell myself that it's a hobby like anything else is to other people. And I keep coming back.

  3. Sarah - I do understand what you are saying. But I always ask myself: Does blogging give me a buzz? An outlet to be creative? And the answer comes back, yes. So I keep on and enjoy it too.
    Your blog is a wonderful space for people to connect and you're doing a great job of it too. But finally it's about what makes you happy...The money follows our happiness, I believe. ♥

  4. Yes it does take up a lot of time. I am a relatively new blogger, 1 year and I really love it but can see how time just slips away sometimes at the cost of accomplishing (or not) of other things. I wonder if maybe blogging less would be a happy solution, where you are not giving it up totally but aren't feeling like a slave to it either. I know someone else who went from posting 4-6 times a week to 1-2 now, it allows her creative juices to keep flowing but shes got more time for other things that were falling to the wayside. Just a thought. Only you know whats right, I enjoy your blog and always see something interesting and worth but it first and foremost has to fulfill you and never feel like a chore.
    I would say take your time in making a decision, don't make any hasty ones and last maybe try posting less and see if that might be a good solution at least for now. Good luck!

  5. Don't quit! It's all about balance....

  6. I've been feeling the same way and to solve that problem I simply cut back on the number of posts I post. I use to post everyday, but it started to become a little overwhelming and I feel back on a number of things I enjoy doing normally. It's one thing if you're getting paid blog, but when you're not it becomes a little harder to stick with, especially is you already have a full-time job. It's gotten to the point that I don't even bother to promote my blog anymore -- it is what it is! I average 8-10k hits a month and that's good enough for me. I like sharing my thoughts + ideas with everyone and as long as I reach some folk I'm happy.

    I've also backed down a little b/c blogging has become this competition that I don't want to compete in. I never thought that blogging would eventually become this nasty world of it's own, but it has b/c egos are now invloved. I don't knock what others do and I happy that some of them are able to turn their blogs into a money making deal. But, in the end, that's not what blogging is all about.

    Overall, find your happy medium and do what makes you happy. In the end, this is your life and your world. Don't make decisions based on how others feel. It's just an emotion and ppl get over them fast. So do what makes you happy and ENJOY your life.

    Chyanne M.

  7. I feel like that everytime I look at my stats. I got more feedback with my old blog. But once I started blogging again 4 years later, it just wasn't the same...but I'm still trying.

    I think after you invested your time in something amazing, you push and keep on going to see it blossom. Don't quit :-)

  8. Hmmm. I don't see it as only two options -- "quit" or "continue as is." There's a third option -- "cut back."

  9. I feel the same way and really wrestle with the choice myself. I actually have had MANY dear friends just shut their blogs down.
    I have learned I need to take more time for myself and not post as often but when I want to share something I have done.
    I also am choosing wisely the blogs I choose to visit and comment on.
    So many people NEVER bother to comment or share the daily niceties that make bloggers do what they do each day.
    I wish you luck with your decision and thank you for all you share.

  10. I'm in Corinne Rodrigues' camp. If you love to do it, then all else will follow. It may just take some time though.

    Hugs!!!! Sü

  11. I feel you. I have just started blogging and it seems like Its hard to keep up with everyone, while I fall behind what I should be doing at home...If you feel its keeping you from having a life then you shoulkd cut back but not quit, blogging can be helpful when you are stressed out about something, you can share insights and people who follows your blog can be some sort of encouragement......That is why I dont have a paid blog so I dont feel pressured on having to post and maintain the number of people on my list....Specially if it is keeping you from family or friend relationships you definitely you should cut back......we could spend enormous time browsing and reading blogs and most of it could be spent doing something else.......I guess your best option is to cut back becoz we will miss you!!!

  12. I just said exactly this on my blog today.

    The first week of the year, I had posts scheduled, but I took time off from reading blogs. I read SO many. And instead I did sewing projects and got my house deep cleaned and kept up with the laundry and edited my book. And you know what else? I just overall felt better about myself.

    I've let blogging become so important, maybe with the hopes that it would be a career? But sometimes it makes me forget about the other things that I love doing...the things that I used to blog about before I blogged just to blog.



  13. Hello Ladies! Thank you for your sweet comments. I really needed the input today. Thank you for your positivity and caring. I think I was having a downer moment. Keep blogging!

  14. Aw. :(
    I've just found your blog, and it's been so helpful! Please, keep at it! Hang in there!!
    And thanks for all you've down so far.

    P.S. I'd love it if you continued blogging, but family and your life is priority. So like someone else mentioned-balance. If you can do it, we'll appreciate it very much. If not, we'll understand.

  15. Oh I hope you don't quit, I find your blog here to be very interesting and informative - I'm sorry that I don't take the time to comment more.

    Best wishes for whatever you decide x

  16. i agree I've thought of quitting many times I spend hours a day reading and commenting but get very little in return. half the blogs i read never come by to visit me not to mention the time i put in writing i could be reading or enjoying other stuff. I have thought about quitting and still think i may

  17. I love your blog! I have learned so much. It would be awesome if you could make a living off of it from advertisers, etc..

    You've really helped me out a lot! Thank you!

  18. I've been blogging under various guises for many years and I've experienced the highs and lows of it all but my most recent blog, the one I'm focusing on now, has been the most rewarding because I've kept it entirely dedicated to my needs. I'm at a point where I'm considering even turning off comments etc to keep it entirely my own even though I really really enjoy talking to other bloggers. It's just so much hassle waiting for feedback that you're never going to get in satisfactory quantities and if I'm painfully honest... I don't need it. I like it, but I don't need it. So why do I blog? Because I enjoy the format and the journal aspect. Because I like helping and inspiring others selflessly. Because it helps organise, motivate and inspire me. The key is to just do it for yourself and not worry about justifying your blog to others or feeling guilty that you haven't posted for a few days/weeks/months. If you start feeling like you need to apologise or explain yourself you've gone wrong I say. Blogs are fun. Not burdens.

  19. I have been there blogging 3 years with downs and ups and trying, changing often wondering the same. especially since my readers comments are lower. I love coming here & hope you stay with it, even if you cut back a bit or find a blogging buddy to help or take turns with posting. I send you ((hugs)) today. I just came by to list my new site, but couldn't help but send you positive thoughts & words. Hope everyone's comments are helping!

  20. So, I read your post yesterday, and I've read many others recently along the same thread. Even I have had my moments of wondering why. I hope you will read the post I wrote because it is worth the effort to continue. You do bless me, and often. Sorry that I don't always have the time to tell you so.

  21. I'm still down about my blogging. I want this blog to be successful without wearing myself out, without cutting down on my posts. Thank you to all your kind comments about carrying on. Somehow I'm going to figure it all out and I'll keep slogging along with the rest of the troops.

  22. I am glad you wrote this post. I have a blog that I have been trying to build up readership for over a year with no avail. I know what I am doing wrong and sometimes I want to quit but I want to keep pushing through because one day my little blog is going to be something big...maybe ;)


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