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Round Two - Top Blog 2011 Get Your Vote On


Voting has reopened and will close on Friday at 9pm. Sorry for the delay and we hope all will go well with this second attempt!

Below are the bloggers who received 40 or more votes in the last round. Round Two will eliminate all but FIVE blogs and those with the most votes will go on to the FINAL ROUND when the TOP BLOG of 2011 will be named!

Congratulations to everyone!

We are trying out a Facebook App for this round. If there are any problems we will pull it immediately and revert to Blogger Poll voting. If you have any problems with voting let us know. Thanks.

and then, she {snapped}
Vintage Umbrella (jennicanknit)
Days Like This by Lisa Jay
Thoughts of a Cardmaking Scrapper
Catered Crop
Pixie Mama
Julie Ann Art
Diana - New York State of Mind
Adventures of Hannah Bob
Gingersnap Crafts
The Happy Life
Dion Dior & More
Atelier Cecilia Rosslee
Jessica N Designs
Living LIfe Fabulessly
Hello! From the Natos
A Rural Journal
The Sasse Life
After Nine to Five


  1. SO happy to make it to round two!! How long do people have to vote in round 2?

  2. Woo Hoo! Round 2. I would like to give some feedback on the Facebook app, though. A lot of my fans, friends and family are not on Facebook. Those who do, have to allow Facebook to access their basic information to be able to vote, which they may object to. (My daughter did, and she's pretty tech savy.)

  3. I want to vote, but I don't use Facebook apps since I don't want them pulling any of my info! Booooo :(

  4. Well I want to vote too and I also don't use Facebook apps. Can we please vote the original way?

  5. A new poll will be up tomorrow using Blogger's poll gadget. Sorry for the delay!

  6. Congrats everyone! But I thought Jones design was in the lead and now they're not on the list?

  7. Yes, I'm looking for JDC as well?Looked like they were in the lead.

  8. no JDC?! she's my fav and was winning by a long shot!!

  9. Jones Design Co decided to withdraw from the race...

  10. Do we know when voting will start again?

  11. Wohoo voted! I love Catered Crop; glad to vote for them and so happy they are on the list; truly fun spot:0)


  12. Ireally enjoy The Rural Journal..
    She gets my vote~!

  13. Is there a way to correct the spelling of my name? It is Daina, not Diana. Thanks so much for hosting the competition!


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