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Mood boards, style boards, color boards...they seem to be very in style right now. So I wanted to make one, but had no idea where to start. What do I usually do if I don't know what to do? I Google it. Kind of a cop-out I know, but Google does have some great answers to my questions about web stuff and blogging stuff. Somehow I stumbled across BeeClip.

"Beeclip is a fun and creative place where you can create amazing scrapbooks. A Beeclip scrapbook is a unique way to collect and share your digital photos and videos." Click HERE for more FAQS.

Getting started was super easy and there were more than a few ways of grabbing images for my "mood board" (such as downloading, Facebook, Flickr, and Google). Here's what I came up with:

BeeClip touts itself as a scrapbooking source, but I think it is much more useful than just that! Several choices of design style include:

The first step is to choose what style you want to work with. I chose Collages. You are then sent to the main style page where you can then choose your images - I pulled mine from Facebook because I usually upload all my good photos there and they are easy to find.

Just drag the images you want to use over to the right side and click Create Scrapbook. You will have plenty of opportunity to add more images if you don't have enough to start with.

The first background you'll see for your collage is a wood grain, but they also have cork board or you can use their color selector or use one of your images. You may resize and rotate photos. You can even add Text! Just click on the T for that.

Here's the choices of where to grab your images (not including download):
 Extras include:
When you are finished creating you can SAVE your page and download it to your computer. Another option is to grab the Embed code and place it on your blog in a post or in the sidebar. For sidebar you would need to use the Custom size choice by changing the numbers to the size of your sidebar.
 This is how it looks when you do that:

 What I ended up doing was embedding on my blog so I could see what would happen. You just paste the code into the HTML of a post and save. Then I looked at the pages I created and took a "screen shot" of that image and saved it to my desktop (very similar to downloading the image and saving it to your computer in a previous step). This is what I ended up with:

Then I got curious to see if I could use other images such as transparent background .pngs. This is what I created:

Here's a few tips for using and not getting frustrated:

I suggest signing up first, otherwise you'll lose anything you have created in trial usage.

Don't forget you can remove the frames from around images.

If you click the Remix button you will have lose what you just created.

To bring an image to the front of other images or send back, just keep clicking the front or back button and it will move forward and backward (depending on when you dragged it over in the first place) in front or behind other images.

I can't find a way to save my creation without some of the editing tools showing! What I did was embed the entire "scrapbook" on my blog and then click the image. It appeared without the editing tools and I took a screen shot of it. (Remember BeeClip is still in Beta!)

And I haven't tried the Clip from the Web feature yet...seems similar to Pinterest that way.

Have fun and let me know what you think of BeeClip!


  1. Looks like a really neat site. Thanks for sharing. Actually have a question on your mood board... I love that pillow and the colors are exactly what I am looking for my living room. Can you give me any info on it?? Thanks!

  2. Well I messed with this for about an hour. Can't say that I'm totally sold yet. Still needs some works I think, but it has potential. Thanks for sharing!

  3.'s in Beta, so hopefully it will improve with time. Fun when you've got some time to kill though.

  4. @Kyra - I will try to source that pillow for you. I just found the pic via BeeClip.

  5. @Kyra - Well, that was easy. Here's the link to the Aqua Thistle Pillow:

    And I agree it is darling and would be great in my living room. I have seen similar fabric at the upholstery shop for $8 a might go that direction because this is retailing for $54! Yikes!

    Let me know what you decide...I can always send you some fabric!


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