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Spotlight with Yep, They Are All Mine

Need a little pick-me-up? Some motherly validation that you're not alone out there? A good chuckle? Click on over to Yep, They Are All Mine. Her tagline says it all: "I cannot afford therapy; therefore I blog." :) In her own words, Kim is a "non-mom blogger, sarcastic, self-depricating, honest, anti-depressant popper, ex-SAHM, mama to a gaggle, grad school dropout, list-maker, coffee-drinker, IPA-guzzler, snarky, 30-something, California-lover." Snarky? Yes, please. I could use a little snark now and then! Kim's blog design is just my style—cute, clean, and inviting. Her wit is sharp and well-timed. Her kids are adorable. And her blogging style/voice is addictive!

The buzz in her sidebar says it all:

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Here are some of my favorite recent moments/images from her blog:
...which prompted the following conversation:
Caden: Lily, look at my sign. It says: get out of my room Lily! Out Lily!
Lily {apparently my four-year-old punctuation prodigy?} : There's an exclamation mark!
Caden: Yes, I am saying this with strong feeling.




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