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Spotlight with Hortus|5, a blog all about the love of horticulture and gardening

I am really excited to share our Spotlighted blog today! One of my favorite things about be a co-editor of the Blog Guidebook, is finding new blogs that inspire me. Hortus|5 is one of those blogs. So let's start with the obvious. What the heck does "Hortus|5" mean? :) Well, "Hortus" literally means "enclosed garden." And the "5" refers to zone gardening. And the cool thing about this blog? It's authored by a guy who loves horticulture!

Of course, I have to mention that the blog is beautifully, minimally designed, with great functionality. The author, Mario Mirelez, is an Advanced Master Gardener as recognized by the Purdue Extension Master Gardener Program and is an active member of the American Boxwood Society, American Hosta Society, The Indianapolis Hosta Society and the Marion County Master Gardener Association. Wow. And he has a background in design (which explains the great site design). He has now put all the pieces together with great success—technical know-how, design, and his quest for discovery.

Mario started out with a few containers, some hostas here and there, and moved onto a two-acre project, which is rare by urban standards. For him, gardening’s greatest lesson is that nothing lasts forever. And the profoundness of accepting that has made Mario dig deeper and ask important questions: "Why am I here and what can I do to make things better?"

"Gardening allows me to use all the parts of me, 
and opens my mind to possibilities."

Be prepared for vivid, lush photography, a wealth of gardening information, and a resource you are sure to bookmark! 
Some of my favorite posts include:
• Raised Bed Gardening
Everything Goes With Black
Overwintering Geraniums (since winter is just around the corner) with the follow-up HERE
Children and Gardening
Mario's "Around the Table" series 

This blog is the perfect read, just in time for the changing seasons. So click on over to Hortus|5.

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