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Spotlight with The World As I See It

The World As I See It

Meet Margaret, author of The World As I See It. Margaret is a twenty-something blogger and blog designer living with MS. I was first introduced to Multiple Sclerosis through a co-worker years ago. And I admit I didn't learn too much about it. And in reading Margaret's blog, I was reintroduced to the autoimmune disease that affects more than 250,000 people in the US alone. Since being diagnosed at 16, Margaret says the one thing that has really helped her is learning as much as she can about MS. Her blog offers lots of information and support for readers whose lives are affected by MS. 

I really appreciate Margaret's complete honesty on her blog. She opens herself up to her readers in a way many bloggers do not. And it is wonderful, because she is able to connect to other bloggers who can relate, and offer education and empathy, as well. Her Pour Your Heart Out posts are a regular feature:

But that's not all! Margaret also offers weekly features and blog hops to encourage her blogging community. As a blog designer, you can also check out her pricing, packages, and portfolio, HERE.

And if you feel like you'd like just a little more, visit Margaret's other amazing Adoption Blog. She offers a place for birth parents to come for support and to talk about their adoption placement stories. Click over to read Margaret's brave and inspiring story, and the many others. I admit I read for over an hour. The posts were heartbreaking, moving, and hopeful:


  1. Excellent post! Congratulations to Margaret! It is good when one can be open and frank on a Blog and in the process help others. It is definitely therapeutic. I am a new Follower of your Blog from Jamaica.

  2. I am a new follower follow me back please thanks


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