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We love Crystal B, R&R, and so should you!

I got a squeal-worthy package in the mail today. It was from Crystal B, our good friend and sponsor here at the Blog Guidebook. See, we have a deal worked out. Whenever I do a little work for Crystal, she pays in products. I can't resist her products. Or her personality. Or her friendship. Which is why I still love to collaborate on projects with Crystal. Like R&R. Have you heard of it? NO? Ohmygosh. It's a creative conference for the super busy woman. What? That's you? Then you need a little R&R! The Blog Guidebook is Co-Hosting this amazing event in February of next year. And we need everyone who wishes to attend to sign up in time! Check it out here:

Now back to the package. It was full of amazing things, as usual, including her new bracelets. Just this morning I was trying to think of where I could get my hands on some turquoise earrings, because Maya had lost my only other pair. And voila! Turquoise earrings in the mail. And what's more is she always thinks to include a little something for the kiddos (because when a package comes to the door, it doesn't matter who it's for—a little kid wants it to be for them every single time). Check out Crystal's Etsy shop, HERE. I'm sure you'll love her as much as we do!

Find more of Crystal here:


  1. i visited her etsy, she's got some great stuff! What's her blog address though? the link on her etsy didn't work :(

  2. Ooo! I love your new earrings!! :-) Heading to check out her shop now......


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