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Spotlight with The Happy Life

Meet the Hagans. They are living The Happy Life, and have been blogging about it for a little under a year. Now, I'm trying not to hold it against them, but the Hagans are Aggies. I know. It's really a shame. Because they are so sweet and have such a bright future. But really. Aggies? Allow me to explain. I grew up in Texas. The only thing bigger than Texas is Texas Football. And the only thing bigger than Texas Football, is Texas Football Rivalry! Longhorns vs. Aggies. I am a Longhorn, y'all! Hook 'em horns! Woah. That was Texas Lyndsay comin' out. (ahem) OK. My now accent-free-turned-Californian self is going to view the Hagans as they really are: A darling couple with a lot of love to share. See? That's them sharing the love:

I love seeing new blogs just starting out. And what better reason to start a blog, than when you start your new life together as a married couple? Rachel blogs with an easy air of newly married life. She shares recipes, crafts, and adventures—all with a plethora of photos. I enjoy her soft focus style, and lust for life. She seems to choose the best parts, and blogs happily about them. It's a nice respite from my over-crowded days. And despite their football loyalties (who am I kidding, I never even follow football anymore—I just felt like kickin' up my boots.....easy girl), I have really come to like and admire the Hagans. They have figured something out that's bigger than everything else: A Happy Life, however it comes. So click on over and show a little love to this lovely new-ish blogger, and share The Story of the Hagans!


  1. Well, thanks for the intro! :-) I'll mosey on over and check them out....By the way, being a Dallas Cowboy fan, transported to New England Patriots country, I feel your pain. :-))

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing! Definitely going to check out their blog.

  3. That really is a great time to start a blog! Where was blogging when my family life was just getting going! "Kids" today have such an adantage!

    Hey, here is a random question for you guys. How do you un-follow a blog? I have several blogs on my blogroll that rarely even post so I would like to do some "house cleaning" and don't know how to do that! Do you??? ;)


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