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Catching Up on a Few Things

Is anyone having a problem with their sidebar font being HUGE? We can't figure it out! Our links are bright blue too and we aren't able to change it.
We'll be scouring the Blogger boards and forums for an answer...
(update: the problem only shows up on the main page...sub pages no. Something to do with style sheets...whatever! Will be trying to fix...)


Update on Blog Club - if you signed up for the Blog Club we are still working on organizing this. We hope to have information to send you by September. If you have changed your mind please send us an email and we'll remove your name.

Update on Listings - if you filled out a registration to be Listed in the Blog Guidebook, you will be in their SOON. We got a huge influx of interest and have fallen behind in our manual entries.
We hope you understand and will be patient.
Small Print: starting July 1st, if you signed up to be listed in the Blog Guidebook, you also agree to receive our emails and monthly newsletter.

Changes to the Listing Process - in September we will be changing our listing process so that you can do it yourselves. We'll be employing Linky Tools to organize our categories for us and you can upload your blog and photo to the category of your choice. We are hoping this will allow "instant" gratification to our readers, so they won't have to wait to see their blog(s) listed.
Our readers will still have the opportunity to pay for a higher place on the list with their button profiled. We will be discontinuing the "Blog About Us For A Free Button Listing" at the end of July.

That's it! That's our update...stay tuned for more info on our R&R Conference and for details on a blog shop where you can purchase elements to decorate your blog and design your blog yourself!


  1. Hi! I'm a new subscriber to this site (bought the study guide yesterday!), and am wondering ifit's too late to sign up for the blog club. I'd love to be a part of it!

    Feel free to email me at your convenience (

  2. You can still join the Blog Club. You can search for it under Blog Listings.


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