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Spotlight and Giveaway with The Etsy Kit

Not so very long ago I had an Etsy shop. But life became increasingly busy, and printing my posters became increasingly costly to do on my own. So I made the difficult decision to put my little shop on hold. When I first set out to begin an Etsy shop, I did so blindly. How hard could it be? I had a good little following on my personal blog, and I thought I would put up a post, and my designs would fly out of my shop. Not so! And while I did alright on my own, I still needed to do a lot more than just post some blog announcements! With a little work, I was able to make a small profit. But it wasn't enough before things sort of fizzled out. If only I had had access to The Etsy Kit!

So what is the Etsy Kit? It's an amazing resource for all Etsy shop owners, online shop owners, and even bloggers who plan to make a business of blogging! The Etsy Kit provides an EXTENSIVE resource, including a complete social networking kit, internet marketing kit, publicity/press kits, key words to use, traffic boosters, making contact and building your circle, research, photography, starting your shop and the essential steps involved, shop checklist, charts and a publicity spreadsheet.

The Etsy Kit will help you get a shop up and running, save a sinking shop, or boost your business. And guess what? It is the FINAL giveaway of our 30 Days of Giveaways! So don't forget to enter HERE.