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Amazon Associates Tip

For those of you who use Blogger, you probably already know about Amazon Associates in general because you can use it easily through the Monetize tab. I've been using Amazon Associates for a few years now, even before I was using Blogger. The thing I find to be the most handy when using the program is the Site Stripe.

In my opinion, Amazon doesn't promote the Site Stripe very much but I think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Once you choose to use it, it will automatically appear when you have signed into Amazon. Then if you happen to be browsing Amazon on your own and come across something you want to add to your blog, you can EASILY create a link or widget directly from the site without having to go into the Blogger Monetize tab.

Here is the image Amazon posts to show what it looks like:
If you are interested in enabling your Site Stripe:
  1. go to your Amazon Associates account
  2. click on Account settings up in the top right hand corner of the page
  3. choose Associate Site Stripe options
  4. It will allow you to select which options you want on your site stripe so you can link to the page, add to your aStore, add to widget, view your earnings summary, share a shortened URL on twitter and more!
Hope this was helpful!  Thanks for reading!
Liz from BlogTipsByLiz


    1. I just got set up on Amazon Associates and have already made some money but now I'm so bummed because they are canceling all contracts in Arkansas because we have a new law here that says they have to collect sales tax. Any other recs on another service I can use to make a few bucks?

    2. That stinks!

      You may want to check out my prior post:

      That should help!
      Liz from Blog Tips by Liz

    3. Howdy! This is Liz... and I'm making a comment on my own post so you can find me if you stop by! :P Here is a link where I have moved all of my blogging posts:


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