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Spotlight with The Pixelista

Wanna know what makes me excited? This site:

There are tons of blog designers out there. Heck, I used to be one of them (before retiring to run this little bloggy). And one thing that makes me take pride in my profession as a designer, is another designer taking pride in their profession. The Pixelista is the creme de la creme of web and blog designers, in my opinion. She knows her niche, has a confident personal aesthetic, and her site is a well-oiled machine! Whimsy, form, and function come together to offer you amazing blog and website packages. And her website is SO wonderfully designed, organized, and easy to navigate (maybe we should employ her services to take our blog to a whole other level...)

Here's what she has to say for herself:
Are you bored to tears by your bland, generic blog template? Need a website that is 
vibrant and invitingThe Pixelista offers design solutions that won’t empty your wallet
If you’re looking for a web professional with creativity and passion for your project, 
The Pixelista is the right choice for you!

The Pixelista offers (are you ready?):• Blogger Design starting at $50 (!!)
• Wordpress Design
• Web Hosting
• Custom Illustration (one of my favorite extra perks from any designer)
• Social Media
• Logos and Personal Branding
• Print Media

Wow. She's the real deal. (And speedy! First drafts ready in 2-4 days.) She's got an amazing portfolio, and freebies to boot! So if you've been thinking about a blog facelift, click on over:

The Pixelista

Here is just a taste of some of her deisgns:


  1. I love her designs. They're so original!

  2. @Jen - Thanks! I *love* your design work. It's absolutely fabulous.


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