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Spotlight: Feeling fresh for spring with A Lil' Welsh Rarebit

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As I work on this spotlight, I am listening to Florence and the Machine's "Dog Days are Over." Which is the perfect song to listen to while spotlighting one of my favorite bloggers, Christy, over at A Lil' Welsh Rarebit. She has such an uncanny way of turning my day around. If I'm having a downer day, I drag my feet over to her blog until I am ready to skip away with a lighter heart.

I first met Christy via the blogosphere back in the day when my business was called "Banners By Lyndsay." Yeah. That was a few years ago... :) Christy needed a lil' facelift for her blog. And so it began. Since then, I've helped Christy shape her blog into the perfect combination of what she embodies (cheerfulness, optimism, honesty, motherhood, and honestly a lust for life).

The thing I enjoy so much about Christy is that she is honest with herself and her readers. She knows her limits and challenges, and meets them head-on. Even when she's having a hard time of things, she'll find time to post something uplifting, or email me with some personal encouragement. Christy is a sweet soul. And it shows through clearly in her blog. For me, Christy is the blog equivalent of a friend who I call when I need a good dose of "I hear ya sister," and "we're all gonna get through this together," and  "my laundry and playroom are a disaster, too, but let's eat some chocolate instead..."

Did I mention she's a triathlete? She sure is. Christy made a pact to get into shape, and dove head first into the challenge (literally). And since I love to share happy news, she just found out she's expecting baby number three!

Of course I am a little biased when it comes to the design of her blog. Afterall, it's partly my handiwork. But Christy had a very clear vision of what she wanted, down to the colors, navigation, and banner design. There was just the right amount of give-and-take. She even signed up for a blog critique with us, and implemented a few of the changes to fine tune her blog all the more.

So check her out! You can find her over there in our Sweet Spot, or right HERE.


  1. Lyndsay!!! You just made my morning! Thank you for such a super-sweet spotlight! I'm so glad we're blogging friends too! My lil guy has croup again, and his big sister is sick too, so I certainly wasn't going to post today, but this motivated me to put something funny up. :) Thanks again Lyndsay, you're THE BEST!

  2. I am so glad I found your site! I've had a website for a few months but my blog is brand new. Your tips will be so helpful :). I'm going over to Christy's blog now.

  3. Love Christy's blog, and she's pretty great, too. :) Such a great post about my bloggy friend!

  4. well, that was great this morning, I loved the story of the amazon cart. thanks for sharing. great blog

  5. Hi lindsay! great blog there.. i am really enjoying it here.. you have got a new follower as well

  6. Smugly thinking, "I knew her when." There are all things that made her one of my favorite people years ago when we met through work. Christy is always a bright patch of sun on the cloudiest of days!

  7. Christy is fabulous!!! She really does brighten a day.


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