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Spotlight with Simply Earth Blog

One thing that we could all use a little more of in this cold weather, struggling economy, and new year of ours, is inspiration! Today we're spotlighting Cheryl of Simply Earth Blog, from our Inspiration category. Simply Earth Blog is a place of inspiration, creating and capturing life’s magical moments, a photographic journey to explore, discover, create and dream.

Cheryl's unique voice comes through easily, and her eclectic life experiences only add to the enjoyment. She's a mother of five, photographer, and self-proclaimed dreamer, free spirit, and traveler. Cheryl is also a California Romantic:

"I love the California coast and spend a lot of time photographing it. I need to get outside to feel the sun on my face and walk or bike, and take some pictures. What I consider a great escape is driving up to the coast to visit all the old romantic beach towns. When we break away and go someplace new, wonderful things began to happen, our earth looks fresh again, full of possibilities. When we lose ourselves in discovery ,we find ourselves again, free to explore the world and ourselves. And at the end of our journey we have a new found love for ourselves, and our simply beautiful earth."

One of the instant things we like about her blog is the large photo header. It includes rotating photos from recent blog posts. And if you see an image you like, simply click it, and it takes you right to that post! It's a great way to make a blog interactive in a way we don't see often. So click on over for a fresh, beautiful, and inspirational blog. You can also find her photography site, Simply Natural Photography, HERE.

All images courtesy and copyright Simply Earth Blog.

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