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Spotlight with Joyful Jones

It's been a long gray winter, hasn't it? Well, technically in Southern California it's been a sporadically gray, rather short winter. BUT I have still been keenly aware of the general sense of malaise that winter seems to impose on all of us, even if it's just a little bit. Maybe it's because winter is for hibernation, and we are all gearing up for our blogs to leap joyfully into spring. But among all the waiting for a little sunshine here and there, I've found one blog that is joyful all year round!

Meet the Joyful Jones:

So what makes the Jones worth reading? Lisa and Kevin are full of joy. It's something they actively work at. After enduring an especially hard trial, Lisa found herself in need of a way to overcome some real sorrow. And she began doing this by finding joy each day. Every Friday she posts "Be Joyful with the Joyful Jones," an especially uplifting linky party:

"I realized that I could find JOY everyday. And it healed me. Thus, we became the Joyful Jones, a team to help not only us but to help others find JOY. Our list continues to grow everyday in our cloud of labels from each post."

The Joyful Jones is such an organized blog in terms of content, as well. I especially love that Lisa has a regularly scheduled program. I really admire this, and enjoy the familiar format each time I stop in:

Monday & Tuesday: General posting
Wednesday: Kevin's World
Thursdays: Embrace the Camera
Fridays: Joyful Moments
Saturdays: General posting
Sundays: The Spoken Word along with The Simple Things

There's a lot to be said for expressing gratitude, even when life's throwing curve balls. I truly admire Lisa's approach to life, love, and marriage. So click on over and share the joy! You'll be grateful you did.
You may not be perfect,
but you're perfect for me.


  1. Going to check them out....great, yet another great blog to make me late to another! Thanks for sharing, its always so great to discover new stories and people!

  2. Definitely heading over there. Sounds like my kind of blog.

  3. We could all used a good dose of Joy each day. Thanks for highlighting these folks - I'm heading over there now. -diane


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