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Keep Linky Tools in Business

Linky Tools has been experiencing growing pains.
There are hundreds of thousands of thumbnails images hosted on Linky Tools.
Let's band together to keep Linky Tools in business.
Don't demand a refund if you paid for the year.

There are other services out there, but we all really do love our 
LINKY TOOLS (also known as MckLinky)!

Read an email from Brent Riggs, owner of Linky Tools
by reading more....

About the site slowdown today:

I worked hand in hand with my hosting service today and we narrowed down the one and only issue: thumbnail images.

The retrieval and downloading of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of thumbnail images when your visitors view a Thumbnail Linky on your blogs is causing the overall webserver that hosts Linky Tools to slow down.

It’s not the website; it’s not the database. It’s the sheer number of thumbnail images being downloaded.


The solution is to have JUST the thumbnail images hosted on their own dedicated server. So I just spent all the subscription income to buy a server and have it hooked up to a very fast internet connection.

There will be NO interruption in service when the new thumbnail server goes online, however IT IS GOING TO TAKE 2-3 DAYS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.  I’m praying there won’t be any website slowdowns in the meantime, like there were today, but I have no way of knowing or guaranteeing that.

A lot of people have rushed to demand a refund and I’m praying you won’t do that. First, without subscribers, I can’t afford this and will simply have to shut everything down and GO OUT OF BUSINESS. Second, the only reason the other thumbnail list service out there isn’t dealing with the same issues is because Linky Tools has exponentially more users and participants.  Apart from that, Linky Tools offers much more in features and service with more to come. All of my users have personal access to me. How many other services come close to that?

I spent thousands of dollars today to take care of this growing pain (buying the new thumbnail server) and I’m asking – BEGGING – for 2-3 days of patience and understanding while I get this new thumbnail server online.  I’ve pleaded with the hosting service to get this server online as fast as possible, even today if possible. I’ll work all night to make it happen if I have to.

I’m committed to constantly improving performance and adding new features.  I can’t afford to without subscribers… and I’ll reward your patience with great service and cool new features.



  1. Oh! I am so glad you posted this! I never hesitated to subscribe, and will never ask for a refund! People are so quick to demand this and that. In the long run, Linky Tools will outshine everyone, let's just stick to our guns!

  2. I totally agree. I'm just biding my time, waiting for it all to work out. J x

  3. Could not agree more! People need to just take a chill pill.. :) everything works out.


  4. I don't use linky tools on my blog...since I'm not real familiar with it. some of my blogger friends use linky tools. Otherwise, thanks for the info :) :) I always figure patience is a good rule of thumb with anything related to my computer :) :) :) Have a good week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Awesome comments from awesome bloggers!
    Linky Tools IS super easy once you get the hang of it...

    Hope all goes well for Brent.


  6. I switched to a different link site a while ago, but I will say that the way he initially handled the switch to being a paid site was poorly done and I think that is part of the reason that people are freaking out.

    I hope he gets everything worked out, but I will be sticking with Linkster.

  7. Linky Tools is the BEST! I have built my blog following from using linky tools on other blogs. I once had trouble loading a photo to a Link party and Brent wrote me back immediately with a response. Very professional and VERY worth the measly $2. He asks for all his hard work. Thanks Brent! <3

  8. Good to know. Thanks for the info.

  9. I signed up with Linky Tools today, before I read this. I'm certainly not going to cancel! I'm excited about growing my blog with this awesome service!

  10. The other linky service that is mentioned in the email is . They have a feature list here : and they surely seem and behave much more professionally than mr Linky tools here..


  11. I agree that people need to be patient. I still haven't quite figured out HOW to best use teh linky tools, though, so what do I know?

    I think people tend to forget that everyone is still HUMAN, even on the internet.

  12. LinkyTools is great service.
    But it is paid service.
    For my new cooking blog, I can not afford it right now.
    Any alternative for free one?


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