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More Blogger Features on the Horizon

Blogger in draft has more (about 40) fonts up their sleeve! Check it out yourself, here. They also have a new feature in Beta called Mobile Template - it allows you to see what your blog looks like on a mobile phone screen. To have a look at all the "in draft" features go to and your dashboard will appear (make sure you're already logged in to your blog). You should see an option to check a little box that says Make Blogger in Draft my default dashboard.

Blogger in draft is located at


  1. That address just takes me to a search screen. I've tried changing my fonts with the new google fonts, but can't get it to work so I've given up and they don't automatically show up in my template designer like other people have said are in theirs.

  2. Hi Ginger,
    Hmmm...the links are working for me, not sure why you get a search screen. Were you already logged in to Blogger? It should give you an auto redirect to the In Draft dashboard.

    I tried changing my personal blog fonts with Google too, and had no luck. At least with In Draft it will be done for us. Hopefully all these fonts will be available soon to everyone.

    Good luck!
    Sarah - The Blog Guidebook

  3. The draft version showed up in the search screen. I finally got there with this address:


  4. Thanks so much for the info! I was able to change the titles on my sidebar widgets using blogger in draft to a font that matches my header and I love it! No more boring Arial. :)

  5. Oh, THANK YOU!! 400 fonts would not be too many for me, but I love having more options. It has been the biggest complaint I have had with blogging! So glad you shared this.


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