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Blog Business

If you're a small business owner and you use your blog to promote your business, or if your blog is your business, you might be interested in this online seminar. I just ran across it today, and saw they're having a discount on registration (like, 50% off!).
I am surprised at how many businesses don't have a web presence these days...don't you love to have a peek at what a little antique store has to offer before you drive 20 miles to get there?

On Tuesday (January 18)at 10 am PT, there is a free webinar on"9 Companies Doing Blogging Right and What You Need to Know" with Rick Calvert, Dave Cynkin and Michael Stelzner. If you cannot attend the live webinar, then go ahead and register so you get the replay. You can do this after it's aired too!

Here's some highlights from the Blogging Summit site:

Event Highlights
  • Discover the best ways to market your business with a blog! (no guesswork... you benefit from the wisdom of those who've gone before you)

  • Find out how to build an engaging blog presence (enabling you to directly connect with customers and prospects!)

  • Discover innovative ways to generate quality leads and increase sales with your blog

  • Learn how to drive traffic to your blog with Facebook and other social media platforms (these underutilized principles can quadruple your fan base)

  • Discover how to grow a loyal blog readership

  • See how successful businesses built their blogs and how you can achieve similar results (from both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies)

I know this event is pricey but it does span over several weeks. Maybe you could split the cost with 10 of your closest friends!
Let us know if you sign up for this event, or just try the free class...I think I will (free is good)!

Keep Blogging!

Happy Birthday to my sweet co-author and graphic designer extraordinaire!
Hope you have an awesome day Lyndsay!
Love ya!

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