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Get to know our finalists: Adventures of A&L: The Chronicles of Newlyweds

I know I keep including annoying little coincidences on most of these "get to know" posts. But this time it's not my coincidence. It's a Top Blog nominee coincidence. This darling blog seems to have a connection with another cool blog that we just told you all about, Today's Letters. Looks like we've got some fraternizing with the enemy going on all up in here!

Oh wait... I DO have my own coincidence. (Sorry...) Just yesterday, I (Lyndsay) was talking to my Blog Guidebook better half (Sarah) about wreaths. Specifically simple while acorn wreaths. Then I got off the phone and realized I could make the same effect with Lima beans. Guess what? Looks like Ashley tackled the same project! (This isn't her wreath, but you can find her tutorial HERE.)

OK. Back to the Newlyweds. I am no longer a newlywed. But this blog makes me remember those days happily. (And it makes me want to kiss in a vineyard...just sayin'.) Here is the blushing bride and dreamy groom's low down:

Jonathan and Ashley are newlyweds, discovering how to be married while traveling, cooking, exploring, and learning to love and forgive daily through the grace of God.

Man—the cooking and culinary tips that go on over there! I love all of the recipes and kitchen item wants & needs they post. It reminds me of what can actually be accomplished when I don't have a screaming toddler glued to my ankles while I try to stir a pot. My favorite? She made KALE CHIPS! I am dying to try them. Find out how she does it HERE.

For a nice slice of life, visit them HERE. Their cozy blog design really makes you want to pull up a chair and stay awhile!



  1. hey ya'll--this is ashley and I love the write-up you did but I have to say that YES, that is in fact my wreath! It is hangin' outside my door as I type! haha

    Other than that, lovely!


  2. Love you! Good luck.

  3. I have been reading this blog, I have to admit, the first blog ever for me. Love all the pictures, their love for one another, their sense of humor and the recipes. Ashley has some great ideas. I must say they have made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Wish them so much love and happiness through the rest of their life's journey. May God bless them.

  4. good luck guys. hope all is well!

  5. Um, guys... you can't vote here! I have a feeling this voting is going to be a disaster!!

  6. This voting system seems a bit difficult... but, I'll participate here, now.

  7. Adventures of Newlyweds Ashley And Jonathan! Love the blog its very creative! TGill

  8. Adventures of Newlyweds
    Moshe from Jerusalem.


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