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Ding Ding! Round Three has Begun!

Round Two has come to an end for Top Blog of 2010! The next round has been posted!
We had to say goodbye to several great blogs...we appreciate you so much for participating...don't be disheartened (you're all awesome bloggers!).
There are 18 blogs still in the running. When there are 10 left we will start posting about each blog and showcase them here at The Blog Guidebook. Don't forget to check the link list below, read some blogs and place your vote this week!

Here's the list of the blogs that go on to Round Three:
Anderson Family Crew*

Lindsay Letters*

Saturday Mornings *

Unofficial Mom*

Dandelion Wishes*

Flamingo Scraps*

Do These Shoes Match This Purse?*

Just Another Hang Up*

Today's Letters*

Lills Life - The Funny Thing About Grief*

Capturing Motherhood*

Liz Loves Vintage

Lou Boos and Shoes*

Crazy Mama*

More Than Words Blog*


Yours Mine & Ours*

Adventures of Newlyweds*


  1. This is such a fun process. Thanks for hosting the "competition!" I've loved reading some fabulous new (to me) blogs!

  2. Flamingo Scraps is soooooooo thrilled and honored to have made it this far -- especially in the company of such FABULOUS blogs -- thanks so very much!!!!!

  3. I can't believe I'm still in. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful contest. What wonderful blogs to share such an honor with!

  4. Thank you everyone! I am very pleased and grateful to all of you. Hugs, LizlovesVintage
    Yippee!! I can't control myself:)


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