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Round One - Vote Now (Elimination Round)

Vote now for your Favorite Blog of 2011

Only the blogs with the MOST votes will go on to the next round. This poll is the main elimination round...the cream of the crop will rise to the top. Round Two will begin on Saturday, November 19th at 12 a.m.

(If you were nominated and you find that your blog is not on this list we know it was an honor just to be nominated!)

Check out as many of the blogs as you can before voting! See our Nomination List here.

Special mention to Carolyn's Homework for following directions! She wins a Blog Guidebook bumper sticker!



Voters - if you love a blog and vote for them, TELL THEM!!! You'll meet some lovely people that way. Also tell YOUR readers you voted for a certain blog and ask them to vote too...spread the word bird!

Nominees - you've been nominated and you put the button up. Now what? Write a post about it, how you feel, why your readers and their friends should vote for you, offer a giveaway to those who vote, bribe the mailman to vote for you, get your family involved, tell Facebook (and the world) how much you'd like to win all the cool prizes so you don't have to do any Christmas shopping this year...

We have been checking out the nominees and there's not a lot of BUZZ out there...the blogs with the buzz about voting will be the winners of this round...and you don't want to be eliminated YET. You know who you are people! Good luck and may the best blog win!
Note 11/18/11: White Ironstone Cottage and Jones Design Company have decided to withdraw from the voting after today.

One vote per person, thank you! This poll will close automatically on Friday, November 18th

Hey Nominees and Friends, here's some button bling to get your readers to vote for you:


  1. So happy to vote for a favorite! This competition is a great way to find new and upcoming blogs! Thanks for the cute buttons that we can place on our blogs to encourage voting! ;o) And thank you again for sending so many readers my way last year! - Suzanne

  2. Oh, I loved following along with this last year. It introduced me to some amazing bloggers. And, what a thrill to be included this year. Good luck everyone.

  3. Thank You so much for the Nomination! I am honored to be among such gifted writers! Good Luck to Everyone!
    Rachel Hagan- The Happy Life

  4. I voted for for Nancy@ A rural journal:)
    All the best:)

  5. Awww, too bad I wasn't aware of the nominations sooner. I would have put my blog on the list, although I've only been in the blog-sphere just over a month :) Good luck to all!

  6. Well this is all a bit fun isn't it. I am really happy about discovering some of the other blogs nominated.

  7. We are so excited to be nominated - thanks for the opportunity!


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