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A Free Upgrade if You Act Now

**UPDATE - extended indefinitely

Have you noticed all the pretty buttons listed in the Categories of the Blog Guidebook? Ever wondered how to get your button there too? Well, we usually have a fee of $20 to list your button...but for the next few days there is a way for you to get it listed for FREE.

Details: #1 Write a post about the Blog Guidebook and reasons why you like/use/read it.
#2 Send us the link to the post (not your URL).
#3 Send us a jpg or the html code for your button with your blog's URL and the category you would like to be listed in (via email).

We will then confirm your post and upload your button to its appropriate category.

We look forward to reading your blogs!

This offer will be open for a limited do it today!
P.S. If your button is already listed we promise a giveaway just for you very soon =)

Blog Guidebook News -
We just added Linky Tools to the Photography Category


  1. Dear Blog Guidebook, You are forever in my heart for interviewing me and getting more eyes to my blog. I love you. BUT, I am an idiot and would not know how to send you a link... I hear your laughter from here. I would gladly post about your site (again)though, even without the freebie!

  2. Hello Blog Guidebook Ladies,
    I am soooo glad I found this blog. It is so great in resources for us bloggers. I find myself spending an hour at a time browsing through it. I wrote a post about your wonderful blog and sent my e-mail to you guys for the upgrade. Thanks so much for the opportunity for a free upgrade!!!


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