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Friday, July 9th - Spotlight: Indiespotting

Indiespotting is a really cute site, and we don't say that have to see it to believe it. Erika Pitera's design is adorable and the unique features are really fun to click on and see what pops up! Indiespotting features Gift Guides, handmade giveaways, interviews, and even Indie Brides! Take a looksie at Indiespotting!

BGB: Erika, welcome to the Blog Guidebook! Thank you for taking a moment to chat with us about your fun blog! What made you start blogging?
Erika: I've always enjoyed writing and the power of language. As a journalism major in college, I took the opportunity to blog about things I enjoyed as a reprieve from the freelance reporting I was doing at the time. Now, I get to blog (among other things) full time!

BGB: Are there bloggers who have inspired you?
Erika: I'd have to say that all the people who contribute on Martha Stewart's various blogs are an inspiration. I'm always impressed by the sheer volume of content they're able to produce – and all of it is so creative!

My suggestions for new bloggers are:
Write about what's important to you. However, there's a caveat to that statement: don't blog just because you can. If you want to be a “successful” blogger (in terms of readership or followers), you need a unique point of view and voice. If you feel strongly about something and use a blog to share it with the world, the readers will come.

BGB: Do you think there are specific genres that are more popular than others?
Erika: I definitely think “mommy blogging” is one of the most prominent genres out there right now. I'm not a mom, so I'm not part of that community. However, it seems to be a very vocal and supportive group of women who are passionate about motherhood. And we can't forget the dads out there who have started blogging, too.

BGB: Where do you advertise your blog?
Erika: I advertise occasionally on Facebook. I also use Google AdWords and StumbleUpon ad campaigns. In my busy months, I try to find other blogs and sites with a similar target audience to advertise; for example, I recently advertised on Craft Cult. Finding the best places to advertise your blog takes quite a bit of time and research, as well as trial and error. You have to be willing to spend both time and money to find the best fit.

BGB: Who designed your blog?
Erika: That would be me! I handled all of the graphic design and layout. I'm not an illustrator by any means, but I'm pretty handy with Adobe CS5 and can get the job done when needed.

BGB: Does your blog relate to your job at all, is it your job?
Erika: Yes, this is what I do. I haven't quite gotten to the point of earning a full-time salary from it, but a girl can dream!

BGB: Are there any negatives to blogging you’re concerned about?
Erika: Blogging is a fascinating phenomenon: it's allowed virtually anyone to have a “public” voice, yet that can be its downfall, as well.

As a journalist, I learned certain skills and adhere to a specific code of ethics. Many bloggers, despite not being professional journalists, also adhere to those ethical standards and are truly wonderful writers.

Given blogging's popularity, there's also the flip side: there are bloggers who conduct themselves without much professionalism.

As a result, I think there are certain circles in the world of media who look down on blogging, as if they're under the impression that just because you blog, you couldn't possibly do it for a living.

Just ask any blogger and he or she will tell you that maintaining a blog takes time, thought and quite a bit of effort. I think these misconceptions make it tough for bloggers to be taken seriously sometimes.

BGB: How do they impact you or your readers?
Erika: I was trained to always edit, edit, edit, so I try to put out content that's not only interesting but also factually and grammatically accurate. I'm very picky: misspellings are never acceptable, for example. I want to be respected, so I put forth a professional image.

BGB: What do you think the future is of blogging?
Erika: That's a good question! As much as I love Twitter, I hope that society moves away from microblogging to some degree. I think some of the people who started blogging just because everyone else did might eventually stop. It's really hard to say where I think blogging is heading, but it's quite exciting to think about.

BGB: Which blogs do you read often? Any favorites?
Erika: I'm a big foodie, so I love a variety of food blogs. I'm also a huge fan of Hostess with the Mostess. I'm always amazed at how talented people are at throwing parties and entertaining! I'll be honest though – I do most of my reading offline. I've become a real bookworm.

BGB: What are currently you working on? Any current or upcoming projects you’d like us to tell us about?
Erika: Right now, I'm dreaming up all the holiday coverage on IndieSpotting, but I'm still ironing out the details. I love the holiday season, so I can't wait!

BGB: Good luck with Indiespotting! (We love the name.)

Indiespotting offers free printables too...check them out now!


  1. Great interview and thanks for the introduction to Erica and her great blog!

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely feature! I'll be sure to share Blog Guidebook on Twitter & Facebook! :)

    ~ Erika


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