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Sunday, June 27: Giveaway: Sundress Press Printing

Winner: #6
Sylvia Drown said...

LOVE this...and it's exactly what I am looking for! Thanks!!!

A few of their high quality stickers

There's an idyllic spot in Southern California, called La Crescenta...and that is where Sundress Press is located. It's a family affair at Sundress Press...a new age mom and pop shop, where they do all the work in the room above the garage! Specializing in vinyl stickers and full posters, there's a lot to be found at their shop...beautiful bumper stickers, any size and shape (cut by a laser) stickers for your homemade products, the vinyl is water proof, so great for food products, candles, soaps, ingredient labels, product packaging, and more! The posters can be photos, special designs, PTA announcements, birthday announcements, school and church events, you name it!

The owners are
Mark and Naomi and they want to show you what they can do! They are offering a free sample of any sticker with your design, logo, etc. printed on it, FOR FREE!!!! All you have to do is send them a print ready file (.jpg or .pdf) and they will print a sample to mail to you! This giveaway ends July 31st, 2010. Leave a comment below to let us know that you are interested (with your email address) and we will forward your information to Mark.

Naomi and Mark

Sundress Press has a blog page with their contact info on it, so start there. Lyndsay and I recently ordered our stickers from them and LOVE them! Check them out here (we're still offering free bumper stickers btw!).


  1. What a great incentive. I'm interested in the info for the sample stickers with my logo.

  2. I'm interested.


  3. I'll email you more info and we can get started, thanks!

  4. Oh...I actually have my logo stickers designed by Lyndsay that I need printing. This would be a great lead!! Thanks!


  5. Oh I would love to see some of their work!!!! It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Charlene

  6. LOVE this...and it's exactly what I am looking for! Thanks!!!

  7. Everyone who left a comment will receive a sample of their very own sticker. Thank you for leaving a comment. You will receive an email from Sundress Press with details.


  8. I would also like a free sticker with my new LOGO Thanks so much :)


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