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Spotlight - Gaining Followers

Followers...we all want them...we all want to know the secret to getting them...and it's the number one question we get from our readers. We asked around and found some answers.
Here are a few tips on gaining followers:

• giveaways (and when you do the giveaway make it a rule that they have to follow to enter the giveaway!)
• lots of commenting on other blogs
• features with other bloggers
• varied content, with personal posts, great photos, ask questions, write reviews, posts about other blogs that I love, list your favorite things with links to those things, and more etc.
• advertising when you can afford it.

You can also join linky parties.

Jump on the Facebook and Twitter wagons to help get the word out about your blog.

You can also find bigger bloggers to do write-ups about you on their blogs.
Linking up with a more popular blog can really get you started, just write to them and ask if they could help you out for the first few weeks etc. All they can say is no.
Some may be willing to swap buttons with you for a while.

Make sure your blog is cohesive, well-written, designed to reach your target audience (if you know who they might be), and updated frequently.

Try adding your blog to the Google crawlers so that you come up in a Google search. We will soon be offering a tutorial on that.

There are many other little ways to gain readers, this is just a little slice of the blog world pie.
Keep us informed of any new trends you spot and we'll tell the readers of The Blog Guidebook and give you credit!