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Hosting a Giveaway

Sometimes you just feel like giving instead of receiving, and a Giveaway is an awesome way to do it!  All you need is a cute gift or handmade crafty item that you are willing to part with, and a bit of time to take a few photos, write up a little post, and send the link to all your friends.  You can even create a cute little button (or have a designer do it) to have your bloggy buddies keep in their sidebar promoting the giveaway.  It's a good idea to give it a few days or weeks to build up followers who will get excited about the giveaway (momentum?)  Make sure to have an end date when you pick the winner.  You can even use a Linky Tool to gather possible winners.

Picking a winner can be hard work, especially if you got more than a few entries. Make sure and specify the winning criteria or if it will be picked at random (

Have your entrants leave a way you can reach them, like a working email address. You might end up having to pick another winner if you never hear from them.

If you need help creating or hosting a Giveaway, there are many examples throughout Bloggyville (blogworld, blogland, blog universe, blogeternity...) and you can get some adorable and creative ideas.  You can even drop us an email and we'll send you some links.

Try to have fun and don't forget about postage (nothing too heavy or you'll be paying a lot!).

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  1. this is great. I have 3 followers at mysideofthecircle on blogspot, and I need more. I have been thinking about doing giveaways even though it's kind of a shameless ploy to get people to read my stories.

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement to do a giveaway - I've been reticent because I didn't have enough followers but now I'm rethinking how I might reach out to others.


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