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"Bee's Knees"– An extraordinary person, thing, idea.

I just had to tell you that your blog guidebook site is so cool. I love your new designs!!!! Crazy about the bee and the butterflies -- you know how much I love anything that has to do with nature. Love the colors too.

- Crystal B. (Life and Times of the Beutler Family)

It's so beautifully done and your designs are lovely. You've really organized things well too and you've covered a lot of things that I get questions about from my readers constantly. I think it's a wonderful resource for any blogger and so user friendly!
I think your "Blog Support" idea is genius and I'm sure it will be very popular!
- Karen Watson (The Graphics Fairy)

Love the site and love the little bee logo so much!
- Michelle (Tales from a San Francisco Shutter Bug)

This is AWESOME! I've already learned from the tutorials posted here. Genius!
-Rachel A. (Supermom's Book of Practical Magic)

All the other "blog catalog" type sites just don't have the choices of categories that you do. I love that you have a whole category dedicated to "White". That's the kind of stuff we need!!!!
- Karen Valentine (My Desert Cottage)

Thanks so much for adding me to your site and my button! I appreciate that and I'm thrilled that you like my site. I really appreciate you guys bringing bloggers together this way as well! Awesome!
- Lovey (Fabric Photo Memories)

Thanks again for the lovely post you wrote about my blog!! I am so grateful that I found your site and am a member of the Blog Guidebook--can't wait to begin some of the BEES KNEES activites you have posted! So many blogs to read about and many new people to visit!!
-Kym Decker (Free Trinkets & Treasures)

I just started following your site and am amazed by all the info. I am going to take my blogging to the next level with your tutorials. Thanks so much!!
-Brenda (Sketches from The Cupboard Under the Stairs)


I'm a newbie blogger and am still working on figuring out all the ins and outs of blogging. I am committed though, and am having a blast! Your site has been an inspiration and so helpful. Thanks!
-Jil McDonald (Reflections Interior Designs)

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  1. I put the bee on my post but can't figure out if I did it correctly so I can be in your guide book, I need help or more info. Thanks

  2. Just found you! PLEASE consider email subscriptions!! My iGoogle page is so full I don't look at any of the blogs I follow (I know, sounds like a personal problem!).

    This looks like fun! A great idea.

  3. Just found your site and I love it! Cute, cute, cute and informative! The best of both worlds. Love it!


  4. Love your blog and what an opportunity for all of us.

    I've already received some traffic from here, but not sure if I am listed in the guidebook. I'm posting the badge on my side bar right now!

    Thanks so much.


  5. Your blog is coming along quite nicely! I've enjoyed watching you grow into this great fabulous blog!!

    I look forward to seeing you grow even more! You are doing so great. Congrats on all your success!

  6. Very beautiful blog. Wonderful support for bloggers. I feel welcomed. I'll be visiting often. Thank you!

  7. Lindsay and Sarah - you two are adorable and so is your blog. It is amazing to me that you have been up and running since August yet it looks so established! GOOD WORK AND GOOD LUCK!! I would love to be added to the guidebook as well, although I am not sure how to paste the 'bee' into my blog in the right place...I will try to figure this out and in the meantime will be stopping by every now and then. , Maria

  8. This is AWESOME! I've already learned from the tutorials. Do you know how to set up a store on a blog site?
    Rebecca Minor
    buzzybeedesigns AT yahoo DOT com

  9. I absolutely LOVE your site!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and knowledge. I've added you to my blog and hope you'll include me in your guide.
    Happy New Year!

  10. Oh how I love your beeautiful blog! Thank you for your tutorials and tips. May you have many happy returns ☺

  11. Thought I did everything correctly but obviously...I didn'! Can't get back to the page to copy and paste your logo! Love your website!! As soon as I learn how to work everything I will REALLY love it!

  12. Love Love Love this Blog Concept! I have scoured google looking for info on html, blogs, etc. I found that people dont like to share what they know, and I dont know why? Now we can help each other without the ego's getting in the way! Way to Go!

  13. I sent my information the weekend of July 2nd and my blog did not get listed. I tried to sign on the way that you explained on the sign up page about a week ago and it has still not shown up....
    Kim Stenquist
    Shimmering Bay Jewelry


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