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How To Use This Site

There are several ways to get started using The Blog Guidebook:

1. As a learning resource - to find out how to use the Blogger platform just click on our Resources link in our navbar.  There are many beginning level entries to get you started. Search our Tutorials in the sidebar or click on Blogging Tips and Tricks button to get reading now!

2. List your blog in categories where others may find you. We have hundreds of categories to place your blog in...this allows other bloggers with similar interests to find your blog too. Plus you can browse our categories to make new discoveries of your own! (Listing yourself is FREE!) Check out our updated List of Categories HERE.

3. Support - we offer support to bloggers in need. If you have a question you do not find answered here, please send us an email at and we will do our best to help you find an answer.

4. We also have a great Designer Gallery if you're looking for a facelift for your blog.

5. Knowledge - we strive to stay on top of "industry" news and pass it on to you. Sign up for our RSS feed or our mailing list for inbox delivery of the latest updates.

6. Splurge - love yourself a little and allow us to critique your blog or spotlight you on our site!

7. Linky Parties and Giveaway Links - for almost two years we have been collecting Linky Parties and Giveaways from around bloggyland and we share them with you every day. Feel free to enter your Linky Party, we have daily, weekly and monthly sections. Our biggest day of the week is Tuesdays!

8. We also host our highly popular FREE 2011 Calendar and our affordable 2012 Calendar, both easily downloaded from our sidebar. If you haven't taken a peek, you probably should...

9. Read about How to Use Pinterest in our series on Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog, also available in a FREE ebook download.

10. We maintain a list of blogging conferences, camps, workshops and weekends that are hosted around the world. We'd love to mention yours, so just drop us an email with a link and any info you'd like us to share. Sometimes we love share about art classes, writing clinics, antiques fairs etc...just let us know what you're up to.

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